We recognize the importance of providing the proper access control to your dashboard. There are a few ways you can configure the permissions of your account.

Setting up admins

Administrators have access to the admin panel and can add other admins.

All admins get access to reporting insights and can customize the dashboard.

All admins will see a "gear" icon in the upper right-hand corner of their dashboard.

To add other admins, click the "gear" icon and scroll to the section marked "Admins." From here, you can add other admins via their email addresses.

Permissions for team members

By following the same steps, you see a section for "Permissions," which has the following options:

Users can create events

If enabled, anyone in your organization will be able to create events. This is great for smaller organizations where inclusivity is key and there may not be a dedicated person to create events. Note that community managers are able to create events for their community even if this option is disabled. It's also important to note that even if users can create events, they cannot mark the event as public (accessible outside of the organization) unless they are an admin. Learn more about event privacy.

Users can create posts

Posts are a great way to share long-form content and bring healthy discussions to your organization. If disabled, only community managers and organization admins will be able to create posts.

Users can create communities

Communities are the way you build an engaged group on Everyspace. If this option is disabled, only organization admins will be able to create communities, and they can then assign the communities leaders from the community administration screen.

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