The Everyspace Marketplace is the easiest way to book high-quality, curated content instantly. We partner with leading speakers, authors, and other experts that you can book for your team's event.

Finding the right content type

We can help you find different types of content that your team will enjoy.


Book speakers such as authors, influencers, or public figures in a given industry. Typically these events are 1 to 2 hours and include time for a Q&A with your team at the end of the session. Typically speakers can support larger audiences.


A facilitated workshop is typically an interactive session where a guide will lead your team through a series of exercises. This can be for coaching, training, or other informative purposes. This usually involves smaller audiences to provide a more intimate experience.


We help organizations to kickstart new communities by providing training and content for your team.

The Booking Process


Browse for the right content by visiting the "Marketplace" tab in your Everyspace dashboard. Based on your company settings, this tab may be restricted to company admins only.


When you find the right content, contact the partner, and provide some basic information about your team's budget and time preferences.


Currently, payment takes place directly with the vendor. We are actively working towards managing payment and contracts on behalf of the vendor to create a more seamless experience for you.


After submitting your request, the workshop host or speaker will work with you to set up the right date and time for your event. The vendor will create an Everyspace event and share it with your employees.

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