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Introduction to Posts
Introduction to Posts

Create content posts to engage your community in meaningful discussions.

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What are Posts?

Posts are how team members can share long-form content and engage in meaningful discussions. These can be relevant articles, summaries of recent events, and more.

Discovering Posts

Posts will appear on the homepage of your organization's dashboard as a way to promote healthy discussion. You can also click the tab called "Discussions" in the left bar of your home screen to filter for all posts.

From a community's page, you can also view a tab called "Posts" where you can see the history of posts from that community.

Creating Posts

Depending on permissions, you can create posts by clicking on the "+" button in the top right of your dashboard left of your name.

The post editor supports custom styling and embedded content. If you're the manager of a community, you can create the post on behalf of yourself or your community by changing the "posted by" dropdown.

You can enter a title and description of your post which can contain text, links, and images.

Your posts will be visible on the home page of the dashboard and also under Posts for the home page of your Community.

You will also see comments from other members of your Community related to your posts.

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