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Everyspace Introduction
Start here: Everyspace Introduction
Start here: Everyspace Introduction
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Everyspace is an easy way to find Communities and Events you are interested in and communicate with your internal teams.

Whether you are a Platform Admin, Community Leader, or Member, we are so excited to get you started on Everyspace. Here's a breakdown of the different experiences the platform offers:

Community Member Experience

The platform homepage is the site that members use to sign up for specific events, engage in the community, and find resources. The homepage is customizable, auto updates with the most recent posts, upcoming events, and announcements and has three primary page experiences:

Platform homepage

Community Home

Event Pages

The primary landing for all users. It may feature upcoming events, posts, and announcements. It will also show the events and communities a member is part of.

The primary landing for a particular community. It may feature upcoming and past events, posts, surveys, information on the organizers and a link to join the community.

The primary landing for a particular event. May feature event details such as the time and location, agenda, host information, an RSVP link, and a link to join (if virtual).

Please Note: Admin Dashboard access is granted by your Platform Administrator or the Everyspace Support Team.
Community Management access is granted to team members within the manage community settings page.

Congratulations on becoming an active member on Everyspace! To get started:

Still have questions?

You can find answers here: Help Desk or by clicking on the blue Help button on the bottom right corner of every Everyspace screen.

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