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Creating An Event
Creating An Event
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Click "+" at the top right of the screen near your name to add an event.

Choose the Host

If you are the host of multiple Communities select the Community that is hosting this event.

Add Details About The Event

Add a title, upload a photo, add a description and select a start and end date and time for the event.

Choose a Location

Choose Virtual or In-person for the event location.

If the event is in person you can enter the address here or you can add the address later.

For virtual events, you can use the green button on the right to generate a Zoom call.

The first time you do this follow instructions to connect your Zoom account to Everyspace.

If you don't use Zoom you can add a link for any video chat service.

Or you can add a video link later if you don't want to share it in advance.

See more about Privacy Settings before saving the event

Read this article to learn how to Invite Guests to your Event

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