Image Sizes and Formats
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Acceptable file types and sizes for images:

  • On Everyspace we accept jpeg (.jpg), and png formats only.

  • We also recommend that file sizes generally stay under 10MB.

There are four different locations you can upload an image:

  • the image for your community

  • the image for featured posts

  • the image for events

  • the image for posts/surveys

The aspect ratio of community banner/images: 2.8:1.

The aspect ratio of event images: 4:3.

The aspect ratio of post/survey images: 1.8:1.


You can make an image bigger or smaller by cropping the image you upload. As you adjust the width and height, the entire image will scale proportionally. When you crop your image, the exact portion of the image you have elected to crop will be displayed.

Lastly, Everyspace's web pages are dynamic. This means they are optimized for multiple platforms and mobile responsive so you do not have to design images for various devices.

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