Everyspace supports two-way syncing of events, meaning you can share events from Outlook into Everyspace, or share Everyspace events to an Outlook calendar.

If you've already configured Azure Active Directory SSO, then you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Create an App Registration

In your Azure dashboard, go to the App registrations page and click "+ New Registration". In the new registration screen, enter the following:

  • Name: Everyspace

  • Supported account types: Accounts in any organizational directory

  • Redirect URI (Web): https://trnout-co.firebaseapp.com/__/auth/handler

Step 2: View your application

Your app registration home page will look like the image below. Keep a note of your Application (client) ID, as we'll refer to this as the "Client ID". Also note your "Directory (tenant) ID" listed.

Step 3: Generate a secret key for your app

Navigate to the "Certificates & secrets" tab from the left menu, and click "+ New client secret". Name the secret "Everyspace Calendar Secret", give it an expiration of 12 months, and click save. In the "value" column, you'll get a secret key, and we'll call this the "Client Secret".

Step 4: Enable permissions

Read through the instructions below or check out this step-by-step guide.

Head to the "API permissions" tab from the left menu. Click the "+ Add a permission" button, and a window will appear to request permissions.

From there, select "Microsoft Graph" > "Application Permissions" > "Calendars.ReadWrite". Check the box and click "Add permissions".

Finally, click the "Grant admin consent" button.

Step 5: Add keys to Everyspace

On your Everyspace dashboard, head to the "Apps & Integrations" tab of your Admin dashboard. From there, click "Configure app".

Then, you'll be prompted to enter the "Client ID", "Client Secret", and "Directory (tenant) ID" that we found above.

Click "Connect", and you're done!

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