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Design beautiful slack messages, fast.

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Our Slack Content Builder is perfect for department heads, internal communication leads, and community organizers who want to design content specifically for Slack.

With our Slack Content Builder you can send reminders, promote an event, boost department engagement, rally employee led communities, and more so your teams can stay connected and engaged no matter where they are.

To use the slack builder, follow these steps.

  1. Select manage community, click Templates, then select Create new Slack Template. If you are a platform admin you can also create company wide templates in the admin portal.

Message Templates

2. To help you get started, we’ll provide you with a few templates to use as a foundation for your message design.

All templates show placeholder text and images to help you begin to design your Slack message. Depending on the template you choose, you can add, delete, move content blocks to create the look and feel you want.

Here are the different template categories and what they include.

  • Templates shared by others: The sample templates category includes Slack message templates that were designed with specific goals in mind. Each template contains customizable content blocks you can use to promote company news, events, and more.

  • My templates: This tab includes templates that you have saved to your account, as well as any email designs that you've saved for future use. You can select a template from My Templates, and edit the content and design how you want.

  • Clone: Choose one of your recently edited or sample slack message as the starting point and we'll create an exact copy of the email's content and design, so you can edit it as needed without starting over from scratch.

3. If you would like to create your own Slack message from scratch, you can choose create new Slack template:

Content Blocks

4. Use content blocks to edit the layout of your message. You can add or remove different types of blocks from your message to easily customize and rearrange the content you want to share.

You’ll see the content block menu, where you can choose the type of block to add.

To add a new content block, click the plus icon (+) and select +Section, +Image, +Buttons, +Divider, +Header, or +Context.

Drag and drop content blocks

5. Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to duplicate, delete, and rearrange content blocks. Use the top left button to drag and drop a variety of content blocks into your layout and arrange them to customize the look and feel of your campaign.

You can also delete a content block by clicking the trash icon.

6. When you’ve finished building your message, your can save, clone or send it.

If you choose to send the slack message, you will be directed to a preview screen where you can review your message content and make final changes.

When you’re finished designing your message, you can click the options button and save the slack message as a draft.

7. If you want to send the message immediately you can navigate to the Notification tab and include an optional message preview.

8. Now that you’ve added your personal design touches, select next which will bring you to the Review & send tab.

Here you can select the Slack channel you want to send your message to.

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