• In order to connect communities to Microsoft Teams channels, the Microsoft Teams integration must be enabled for your organization. This can be done within the "Admin" tab under "Apps & Integrations". Make sure the Microsoft Teams integration is checked. You may need to ask your organization's admin to do this.

  • Refresh the page and visit your community settings page. You should see a setting called "Connect your Teams channel" with an input box to enter a URL. Follow the instructions below to generate the URL that goes in this box.

  • Follow the Microsoft Teams instructions to create an Incoming Webhook. Optionally, you can upload the Everyspace logo below when creating your Incoming Webhook.

  • After completing those instructions, you should now have a webhook URL. Paste this URL into the input box on your community settings page and click "Save changes".

  • That's it! You should now be able to send Posts, Events and Reminders to your Microsoft Teams channel.

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