Directory Sync is a powerful feature in the Everyspace platform to keep employee profiles in sync with your HRIS or other identity management system. Information is pulled into Everyspace in real-time so you're always seeing the correct data.

What information is synced?

Employee profile data

In Everyspace, it's easy to create customize what user profile fields you'd like to show, collect, and report on. With Directory Sync, you can sync these from your central management system in real-time.

This means fields like name, department, title, pronouns, etc. will be updated in Everyspace as soon as anything changes in your HR platform. You can also set up custom fields and sync those over as well!

New employees

When new hires are added to your personnel list and activated, they'll automatically appear as a profile in Everyspace. This is great because you can set up triggers that automatically send emails or Slack messages to new members.

Terminated employees

When someone leaves the company, in addition to being revoked access to Everyspace, their profile will also be removed from the platform. If they're a member or admin of any community, they will be removed from those lists. They will also no longer appear in the "People" tab.

What services can you integrate with?

We integrate with all the major players. Our generic "SCIM" integration means that we can typically integrate with other services not listed here that use this open protocol.

How do I enable this?

Enabling is a breeze! If you're subscribed to this feature, it takes only a few minutes. We use a partner called WorkOS that provides a step-by-step guide to set up the integration and can be done in minutes. If you're not subscribed to this feature, you can always talk to support about enabling it.

To set it up, go to your "Admin" > "Apps & Integrations" tab and select "Directory Sync".

What if I don't enable this?

Not to worry! You can still set custom employee profile attributes that can be synced from an identity platform. The downsides are that these will only be updated when they log into Everyspace. Also, for terminated employees, they will not be able to log into the platform, but their profile will not automatically be marked as deactivated.

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