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Learn how you can share content from your Everyspace dashboard to Slack for real-time updates

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At Everyspace, we ❤️ Slack

We make it easy to share content from your Everyspace dashboard over to the right Slack channel. Note: you'll need to be a company admin or a community admin to access this feature.

Connecting Slack to your Community

To get started, head to the "Settings" page in your Community admin screen. From there, you'll be prompted to link your community to the right channel.

Once your channel has been connected, you'll see a "Share to Slack" option that appears while creating Events or Posts. Content will only be shared if you check this box on.

Sharing Events

Sharing an event to Slack is a great way to get the word out. Your channel will see a message like this, with the option to RSVP instantly:

Guests can RSVP to the event without ever leaving Slack. If they click the "I'm in" button, they'll automatically be registered, which will:

  • Send a confirmation email of the event details

  • Add the event to their calendar on Google Calendar or Outlook

  • Add them to the guest list for event admins to see

In the event that you're using Guest Requests and want to collect additional information, this will appear directly in Slack in a pop-up view.

Sharing Posts & Surveys

You can always share Posts and Surveys to Slack to be sure your community is in the loop. You'll see an option to share to Slack when you first create, or you can click the "Share" button to share later.

Once posted in Slack, a preview of the Post or Survey will be shown with a link to view more. For Surveys, channel members can fill out the survey in a pop-up modal without leaving Slack.

Syncing Slack Channel Members

You can also choose to sync your Slack channel members to be members of your community. This is great for Slack-heavy organizations where users are more likely to engage with your content through Slack. In your "Community Admin" > "Settings" page, you'll see an option to enable this.

Sending Custom Slack Messages

You can broadcast custom-built Slack message with our Slack Content Builder. This lets you drag & drop a custom design and share a newsletter natively to your channel.

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