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Quick Start Guide for Community Leaders
Quick Start Guide for Community Leaders

Start here to learn about managing a community

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Introduction to Communities

Communities are safe, intentional spaces for internal groups within an organization. With Everyspace, your community page serves as a one-stop-shop for team members to learn more about your group; on this page, they can join as members and opt-in to receive updates on future events.

Each community gets a unique profile page where events, posts, and other content appear in real-time. Everyspace is the mission control center for community leaders to manage their groups: our platform integrates with existing tools like Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, and more so you can focus on engaging your members.

Whether you lead a cultural community or a club, you can create a community and begin to facilitate programs and cultivate engagement.

From a community page, if you're an admin, you'll see a "Manage community" button to get started.

Managing your Members

Everyspace makes it easy to track and grow your community members over time. You can share your community page across the company, and anyone can opt to join in.

You can manage your members from a variety of sources:

  • New members can join by going to your community page and clicking "Join"

  • You can upload a CSV of members

  • You can sync your Slack channel, and add new channel members as community members

  • You can sync members from custom groups in Okta, Azure AD, Workday, or any other identity platform

Once you have your member list, you can easily send updates, create tags, add notes, and more. Click here to learn more about managing members.

Hosting Successful Events

Hosting events is a great way to engage with your community members. Instead of copying & pasting Zoom links on Slack or Teams, or creating events in a calendar that team members don't know how to find, you can host your events through Everyspace, and we'll automatically share them across the company.

We will automatically generate Zoom links, notify your guest list, send follow-up surveys, and provide powerful features like waitlists and automated reminders.

We also know that everyone follows their calendars, so RSVPing automatically syncs the event to their calendar, along with any updates that you make later on.

To get started, learn how to create your first event.

Sending Emails & Updates

Once you've built your audience and started hosting great events, you'll want other ways to connect with your members.

Posts are one way to share important content with your group. Posts are for long-form content and thoughtful discussion, in contrast with the ephemeral, quick reactionary discussions that take place in Slack, Teams, and other group chatting apps like Yammer, Discord, and Groupme.

With posts, you can share thought-provoking articles, helpful videos, or anything else related to your community. These will be shared on your community homepage.

You can also quickly share email updates to your whole community, a subset of members, a guest list from a previous event, or any other segment.

Viewing Insights & Analytics

One of the primary benefits of managing your community through Everyspace is that you now have a real-time view of your community engagement. Each event that you host has its own analytics page for surveys and other important metrics, and you also have a dedicated analytics section for your community as a whole to understand membership growth, event attendance, and more.

Getting Started

Let's get started by creating your first community. If you have questions, you can read more FAQs or contact Everyspace support at

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